budget travellingWhen you think about traveling, even locally, does it stress you out? It stresses me out sometimes, even when planning a “staycation” like going to Legoland, which is just a few miles from my house in North County San Diego (Oceanside). But the thing that causes me pause even more is that I would let any kind of financial woes stop me from making good memories with the family. One of the crucial elements of having a great time while traveling is not being bothered by money so in today’s post, I want to highlight (just in time for summer) that you can create amazing memories for the family without having to take an airplane to anywhere. While it’s always a great option to fly out of town and go somewhere exotic, domestic – I mean REALLY domestic – as in your neighboring city at the farthest, often has some amazing overlooked vacation spots for you and the fam. There are probably even some great attractions that people fly into town to enjoy, but since it’s in your city, you probably take it for granted. Heaven for bid! Well, taking a vacation without having to get your credit score repaired afterwards is a blessing that you just might want to look in to.

Frugal travel and the alternatives for spending money

If you travel frugally, consider that a family of three might save $1,000 or more on airfare alone. When you save that kind of money, what kind of local experience or family purchase could that give you? What about visiting a cool attraction and spending the night at a cool hotel nearby, which would give the entire family a sense of getting away from what’s familiar.

And what else could you do with that money? You could buy a nice DSLR camera to capture the moments in a way better light than with your measly cell phone camera. That was my experience, I took tons of pics with my cell phone, then with an expensive point-and-click camera, but I still expected too much, so I got a real nice one that I carry everywhere and it really captures the moments.

Travel on a shoestring

Maybe flying out of town, or staying in town at a local hotel isn’t even a real option because of finances right now. Well, there are some alternatives still! You could go rent a camp spot at the local campgrounds and save all kinds of money. This is a great financial alternative for anyone who is looking for some amazing adventure, building awesome memories, and getting some awesome “Kodak moments.”

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You know what it’s like when you sleep in a hotel room that has a super comfy bed. The next time you go home to sleep in your own, you wish you had written down the name of the bed and maker so you can get one for you to sleep on when you’re home. Well, that has been the experience of hotel guests since the inception of hotels. But have you ever been intrigued by the interior deco of a ritzy hotel room? The energy some of these places has is remarkable and always seems to give a very positive vibe when entering the room. Then when you go back to your own home, you realize that same energy isn’t there. Why? What are some of the things that bring beautiful energy? Today, we write to you about how to recreate your nice hotel room experience with personalized wall decals and stickers that can have a big effect on how you feel about your home.

Beautiful Walls, and the Illusion of Prosperity

stick on wall printsMany times, the artwork on walls at hotels give a sense of wealth and prosperity. But just about everything you see is a copy of the original. The real difference if anything is the frame it’s put into. But many very nice hotels have been transforming the experience of staying in a room into an immersive art exhibit if you will, by plastering the entire space with beautiful and lasting wall decals that stick on the walls, and they are just copies of an original but without the frame. Many of these progressive places get nice photography images or branded images then instead of wallpaper or pictures in frames, they cover the wall, or just a portion of the wall with some artwork that literally looks like it was painted right on the wall. This is part of the illusion of prosperity, that someone actually took the time to paint a masterpiece right there on the wall of the hotel room you’re staying at. So do yourself a favor and lookup a good place to buy not only the comfortable bed you slept in, but the amazing source of beautiful walls during your next travel experience.

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Oceanside HotelMost folks who travel love to leave their lives behind and go for broke while partying – whatever that means to the individual… But when they get home, they realize they’re not very well rested and probably need another vacation. We want to point out a few things that can keep you well rested while on vacation with out breaking the bank.

Daily Routines that get Broken often mean Little Rest

During a typical week at home, what does your day look like? Do you wake up early to do yoga or get in a work out, or have a devotional time reading a nice book or something spiritual? Do you get up and visit the local Starbucks then come home and get the kids ready for school? Perhaps you enjoy watching the news first thing in the morning. Whatever your routine is, there is actually a great deal of psychosis happening. Your actions become habits, habits become lifestyles and those typically define who you are. When you go on vacation, there is often a disruption of your daily routine, which causes you to actually upset your balance, bringing on stress and a difficult recovery when you return to your regular routine. We have put together these tips for domestic travel based on what most folks look for when they want a relaxing time while not needing a “vacation from vacation.”

Oceanside CA, San Diego’s Best Kept Secret

Shanti Kitti Yoga, Oceanside CAWe’d like to introduce you to North County San Diego’s Oceanside. Oceanside is the largest community north of San Diego and south of Orange County. What most people think of in Oceanside is the Camp Pendleton Marine base. But that’s unfortunate because there are so many great offerings from some of the world’s greatest hotels and restaurants as well as visiting one of North County’s top Yoga Studios, which can help you to have the sense that you have indeed left home, but you’re not really “far from home.”

Some tips for enjoying your travel time:

1) Wake up at around the same time as usual
2) Don’t abandon your daily “routines” that get you started in the morning
3) Keep a good diet
4) Have a budget in mind before you leave for vacation

These things should help you to stay well within your sane levels of rest and relaxation. Heck, even if you need regular appointments for massage or chiropractic, there are a ton of good options very nearby, like Frost Chiropractic just south of Oceanside in Carlsbad. So when you’re making plans to travel but you want things to feel like home, consider visiting Oceanside beaches, boardwalk, pier, and just about everything else you can do south of the border, but .. North of the border.


Thinking about your vacation plans for summer 2015? This post should help you to get your plans on paper and get you in the seat of the plane for your next travel destination. The things you should do are: decide where you want to go, get in touch with a travel agency, plan your days for the trip, schedule babysitters if needed.

Deciding Where to Vacation

family vacation planningIt’s always a default for many travelers to go somewhere where you can sip margaritas on a nice relaxing beach while reading a book or doing some scuba diving. But have you considered the many exciting places around Europe to visit? There are tons of good deals on travel right now so all you need to do is get your passport then start dreaming. A vacation of a lifetime and something you can talk about for years might be a tour of Ireland or Scotland. There are castles, extraordinary nightlife outings, golfing, fishing and a ton of other things to do. Or perhaps you’d like to see the ancient ruins of Italy like the pantheon or the coliseum. Walking into St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the greatest memories I have of traveling abroad. And guess what? Not a single margarita to speak of!

The right travel agency

Once you’ve decided where to go, then it’s time to start looking at some all inclusive packages, which include everything from airfare to meals to hotel stay. These kinds of packages take the guesswork and worry out of traveling abroad, especially to a country where you don’t speak the native language. Once you have arranged some travel dates, look at the kid’s school calendar to be sure there are not any conflicts – of course that’s if you’re planning on bringing the whole family… A travel agency is a great way to go because they often are able to negotiate great deals on airline tickets and hotels that you might not be able to get on your own. Sometimes you could find screaming deals if you’re willing to sit through a “time share” presentation and get five nights at a five star hotel for a few hundred dollars.

Planning your days while on vacation

Most places that are touristy have a ton of unique outings. A great idea is to hire a tour guide who knows the coolest things to do while there. If you are at all in to venturing out for an adventure, then checkout all the attractions in the local area. There are usually tours of historic monuments, diving with dolphins, fishing, chauffeur tours, and all kinds of amazing adventures that await.

So don’t put of planning and start budgeting for your travel plans this summer. Surprise the family with a great getaway that won’t leave you broke or paying off credit cards for months when you budget it correctly. You’ll build memories that will last a lifetime and you’ll make the world a little smaller of a place.

For, have a great travel year!

Did you know that vacationing or “traveling” for Americans is lower than it has been in 40 years? This struck me as extremely saddening as I grew up traveling to many different parts of the country to visit relatives, vacation at lakes, and just enjoy a few weeks per year in another location where the every day cares were far away. Thinking back on my years growing up, it was the traveling that I really remember the most because it was something that was out of the norm and we created memories as a family.

Fast forward to today and I sit in my office thinking about the distant memories of childhood traveling and what I was going to give to my children as a travel legacy. Mexico? Europe / Ireland? Other states in the US? Every parent wants to be the very best parent and this to me means more than a yearly visit to Disnyland.


Where do We Americans Travel? Cuba

Travel and tourism research manager at Euromonitor International, Michelle Grant, says that most Americans who travel internationally go to Mexico (first place) then Canada. I can say with a great deal of conviction that traveling to Mexico is probably my favorite for many reasons, including the fact that I honeymooned there. But I would like to bring the family to Euorpe, particularly Italy and Ireland. The kids are half Mexican and half Irish / Italian / German mix. So connecting with their roots in a esoteric sense would be great for them and surely create a good memory. But with the eased restrictions on travel to Cuba, it is going to be very exciting to see what people fancy when visiting there. As a matter of fact, this year, Cuba is expected to top Paris for a destination among American travelers.

With this said, do you ever plan on visiting Cuba? What are your favorite destination memories from when you were a child?

The more you travel, the smaller the world becomes! We’re excited to bring you some of the lesser-known travel destinations and a few of the greats as well.

There are plenty of ways to maximize your vacation when traveling abroad or domestically. We’ll be adding tons of content soon! Thanks for stopping by~