Traveling Domestically: A Look at San Diego’s North County

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Oceanside HotelMost folks who travel love to leave their lives behind and go for broke while partying – whatever that means to the individual… But when they get home, they realize they’re not very well rested and probably need another vacation. We want to point out a few things that can keep you well rested while on vacation with out breaking the bank.

Daily Routines that get Broken often mean Little Rest

During a typical week at home, what does your day look like? Do you wake up early to do yoga or get in a work out, or have a devotional time reading a nice book or something spiritual? Do you get up and visit the local Starbucks then come home and get the kids ready for school? Perhaps you enjoy watching the news first thing in the morning. Whatever your routine is, there is actually a great deal of psychosis happening. Your actions become habits, habits become lifestyles and those typically define who you are. When you go on vacation, there is often a disruption of your daily routine, which causes you to actually upset your balance, bringing on stress and a difficult recovery when you return to your regular routine. We have put together these tips for domestic travel based on what most folks look for when they want a relaxing time while not needing a “vacation from vacation.”

Oceanside CA, San Diego’s Best Kept Secret

Shanti Kitti Yoga, Oceanside CAWe’d like to introduce you to North County San Diego’s Oceanside. Oceanside is the largest community north of San Diego and south of Orange County. What most people think of in Oceanside is the Camp Pendleton Marine base. But that’s unfortunate because there are so many great offerings from some of the world’s greatest hotels and restaurants as well as visiting one of North County’s top Yoga Studios, which can help you to have the sense that you have indeed left home, but you’re not really “far from home.”

Some tips for enjoying your travel time:

1) Wake up at around the same time as usual
2) Don’t abandon your daily “routines” that get you started in the morning
3) Keep a good diet
4) Have a budget in mind before you leave for vacation

These things should help you to stay well within your sane levels of rest and relaxation. Heck, even if you need regular appointments for massage or chiropractic, there are a ton of good options very nearby, like Frost Chiropractic just south of Oceanside in Carlsbad. So when you’re making plans to travel but you want things to feel like home, consider visiting Oceanside beaches, boardwalk, pier, and just about everything else you can do south of the border, but .. North of the border.


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