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You know what it’s like when you sleep in a hotel room that has a super comfy bed. The next time you go home to sleep in your own, you wish you had written down the name of the bed and maker so you can get one for you to sleep on when you’re home. Well, that has been the experience of hotel guests since the inception of hotels. But have you ever been intrigued by the interior deco of a ritzy hotel room? The energy some of these places has is remarkable and always seems to give a very positive vibe when entering the room. Then when you go back to your own home, you realize that same energy isn’t there. Why? What are some of the things that bring beautiful energy? Today, we write to you about how to recreate your nice hotel room experience with personalized wall decals and stickers that can have a big effect on how you feel about your home.

Beautiful Walls, and the Illusion of Prosperity

stick on wall printsMany times, the artwork on walls at hotels give a sense of wealth and prosperity. But just about everything you see is a copy of the original. The real difference if anything is the frame it’s put into. But many very nice hotels have been transforming the experience of staying in a room into an immersive art exhibit if you will, by plastering the entire space with beautiful and lasting wall decals that stick on the walls, and they are just copies of an original but without the frame. Many of these progressive places get nice photography images or branded images then instead of wallpaper or pictures in frames, they cover the wall, or just a portion of the wall with some artwork that literally looks like it was painted right on the wall. This is part of the illusion of prosperity, that someone actually took the time to paint a masterpiece right there on the wall of the hotel room you’re staying at. So do yourself a favor and lookup a good place to buy not only the comfortable bed you slept in, but the amazing source of beautiful walls during your next travel experience.

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